Not All Florida Golf is Flat and Boring!

The Scenic Highland Nine

The mild dogleg right 1st hole is a par-4, 398-yard beauty from every direction you play it. The tiered, stepped-up tee boxes preside over a tree-lined fairway that dips downhill and slopes right to left all the way up. At the 150-yard marker, the uphill approach shot goes to an elevated, two-tiered green, sloping to the front, it’s handicapped one. The second hole is a 518-yard par-5, handicapped three, dogleg left featuring wall-to-wall trees and quite a challenge. A good drive to the right will steer you clear of an overhanging oak at the inside elbow about 240 yards out. The half-dollar green has a severe drop-off at the right. If you’re accurate, a birdie is an achievable reward. The 3rd par-3 is 166 yards to an ample green surrounded by four bunkers. The wind comes into play here, as does the impressive view.

The Long Open Lake Nine

These nine holes are open and feature bunkers, wide fairways and crosswinds. The finishing three golf.jpgholes offer the best of the course. The 7th is a par-4 dogleg left that angle 436 yards into a narrow cavern of trees to an elevated green. As handicapped one, you must go straight down the middle at the elbow to avoid the trees and bunkers lurking there. Watch out for the miserable drop-off in the back of the green. The 8th is a perilous par-3 that requires a 197-yard poke through overhanging trees to an elevated target green adorned by three bunkers and a steep slope in the back. Finish at the par-4 9th with 426 yards of uphill aggravation, relieved momentarily by a wide fairway from 200-yards out. The approach requires a straight shot to the green, another bunker-smothered, elevated, back-drop-off, back-to-front sloping marvel. It’s handicapped two.

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